How to travel the world AND save money: TEFL

Picture of experiences gained through TEFL: travel, save money.

Today I want to talk about a way that almost anyone who is a native speaker in English can fund future world travels and/or save money: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

There are plenty of articles out right now about people who quit their high paying jobs to travel the world. Perhaps with a bit of luck they even created a famous travel blog and are able to continually fund their lifestyle.  Others perhaps have discovered a way to use their skills online in other sectors. However, for every famous travel blog there are thousands of travel blogs that don’t make it. Furthermore, everyone wants to work online these days and that job market is becoming harder and harder to break into as well, especially for those of us who are not highly skilled.

However, if you are a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree (in anything) and happened to have been born in Ireland, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa then you already have all the qualifications you need to earn good money overseas. Now don’t get me wrong, an online TEFL certification is certainly recommended. Nevertheless, I personally taught without one (or any other teaching qualifications) for my first 5 years overseas.

Moreover, those who are certified to teach in their home countries are particularly in luck as they will not only have their choice of pretty much any job they want, but also qualify to work in internatinal schools which include a whole other host of benefits outside the scope of this article.


In this video I will discuss my personal experience over the past 8 years in this field. I give real examples of salaries you can expect as well as detail other benefits that can be offered, including:


Furnished Housing (at no charge to you)

Medical Coverage

Round trip airfare


Severance Pay

Visa Sponsorship


Find jobs here.
120 hour TEFL Certification

(This is the TEFL course I completed and I wish I had done it sooner! I am not affiliated with them in any way, just loved their course!)

Finally, if you have any questions after watching the video, feel free to reach out to me at any point in the comment section down below.

Disclaimer: Please don’t rely on my experience or estimates alone. I am only sharing my story and there is no guarantee you will have the same. The amount each person can save will vary based on their lifestyle and spending habits, as well as the current market rates. Do your own research before accepting any job offer overseas!

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