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With all the negativity and stereotypes that still surround minimalism, a few of us YouTubers wanted to make a series to share what minimalism means to us! This video is part of a collab and I will link the other videos at the end of this blog.


1. EFFICIENCY: Think about the 80/20 rule. Chances are you are only getting use or joy from 20 percent of your stuff every day. So why not just get rid of the other 80 percent? Keep the stuff you love and use and let someone else enjoy the rest. This means your house will be easier to keep tidy and easier to clean. You may be surprised how much time you can save!

2. MOBILITY: I travel a lot. I move house a lot. For the past 8 years how much I own has been limited to the luggage policies on airplanes. Whether you are traveling or moving house domestically, that weight really does weigh you down. It can give you back aches, it can make you hot and sweaty and it is something to worry about being stolen or broken. One day when I have a more permanent address, mobility will mean that I can easily rent out my home on AIRBNB before traveling and earn a passive income. In that case, minimalism will be funding my mobility. Part of mobility for you might just be prioritizing experiences over possessions.

3. CHALLENGE TO CONSUMERISM:  In a world of marketing with a thousand different voices telling you to,  “BUY, BUY, BUY,” I take great pleasure in doing just the opposite. More stuff doesn’t make me happy. Marketers make promises that never deliver. Consumerism is bad for the environment and it is bad for our wallets too. I try to be more intentional and conscious about what I buy.

4. TIME: Minimalism means spending more time on the things, people, and activities that enrich your life and spending less time on those that drain you or harm you. Minimalism is about being self aware and honest with yourself. It is also about learning to say no.


1. SUFFERING: I can’t think of a time that I deprived myself of something I really wanted, loved or needed just to keep my numbers down. Sometimes minimalism actually means buying more of something and there are several things I buy more of since becoming a minimalist.

2. BLACK AND WHITE: I love color. Vibrant colors bring me a lot of joy. You wouldn’t know that from my current home. Most of my current furnishings were purchased second-hand and we chose what was easiest for a short-term rental. When I set up shop somewhere a bit more long term there is going to be lots of bright colors. Colors like citron!


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