project 333 spring capsule

This spring we have a combination of professional corporate wear and casual lifestyle pieces for my Project333 capsule. This capsule includes 33 items for 3 months. Items that qualify include clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes. This capsule does not count wedding ring, underwear, sleep wear, in-home loungewear, or workout clothing into the figure of 33 pieces. The Project 333 guidelines can be found here: PROJECT333


First, this season almost my entire budget went towards upgrading my professional wear. Even though I am a teacher, in Japan it is customary to wear business professional at school. A lot of my “teaching clothes” that I brought over to Japan just weren’t really fitting the bill. Since I spend a lot of time at work, I wanted to have pieces that I felt confident in. This season I added 2 silk blouses, 1 skirt, a pair of trousers and a professional coat.

Consequently, I filled in the gaps with items from my summer and fall wardrobe. I’m hoping that by being paired with the white pants, they will feel more light and bright. There was no room left in the budget to consider any of the quintessential pastels and floral type patterns that one might expect for a spring capsule.

Another big change is that I added my 2-piece suit to the capsule. Inspired again by Jennifer L. Scott’s book, Lessons from Madam Chic, I decided that I want to wear by best. My suit is 7 years old. I had it custom tailored for me when I was in the Peace Corps. However, I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve worn it. I’m not sure what I have been saving it for, as I am not even attached to the cut or design. I decided enough is enough. I am going to wear the thing, if it wears out oh well! At least I got my investment back instead of letting it collect dust in my closet.


There are no rules for my total all-seasons collection. I can own as many pieces as I want. Of course, I only wear 33 items per season. This year I have floated around 60-70 pieces for my total collection. It seems like a reasonable number considering I live in a place with four distinct seasons. By participating in Project 333, it keeps my wardrobe fresh and makes items feel new. I’m excited to see them again when they come out of storage and I get the same thrill as if I had gone shopping.


1- Muji (Japan)
2- Muji (Japan)
3- Uniqlo (Japan)
4- Uniqlo (Malaysia)
5- Mvolet (South Korea)
6- Muji (Japan)
7- Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo (Japan)
8- Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo (Japan)
9- Uniqlo (Japan)
10- H&M (Malaysia)
11- Sound J (South Korea)
12- Uniqlo (Japan)
13- Tom & Alice Custom Tailors (Cambodia)
14- Recycle shop (Japan)
15- Uniqlo (Japan)
16- Zara (South Korea)
17- Uniqlo (Japan)
18- Uniqlo (Japan)
19- Tom & Alice Custom Tailors (Cambodia)
20- Uniqlo (Japan)
21-Muji (Japan)
22- Artisans of Silver (Cambodia) http://www.artisansofsilver.org
23- local artist (Australia)
24- Margot (USA)
25- Coach (USA)
26- Subtyl (Cambodia)
27- Recycle shop (Japan)
28- LeSpecs (Australia)
29- Muji (Japan)
30- Zara (Japan)
31- Lepsim (Japan)
32- Skechers, Go Walk 3 (Australia): http://amzn.to/2nakhax
33- Adidas (South Korea)


MY SUMMER CAPSULE: https://youtu.be/D7TB4zOo8lQ
MY FALL CAPSULE: https://youtu.be/QrodkmpkV54
MY WINTER CAPSULE: https://youtu.be/ZA4lz2wqr34


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