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minimalism 5 things I buy more

Sometimes minimalism doesn’t mean having less, but rather having MORE of what you love. With so many videos on YouTube these days talking about the things minimalists stopped buying, I thought it would be a fun twist to share some of the things I have found I buy more of now. Here are 5 things I buy more of since becoming a minimalist:


My lifestyle is generally more relaxed now and I find myself enjoying 2-3 cups of tea a day. I love peppermint, green tea, and exploring different herbal blends. I even try to be intentional about sometimes just enjoying a cup of tea alone, without trying to multitasks.


After using the spark joy test on my music collection, I realized I didn’t even like most of the music in my iTunes. I realized that subconsciously I wasn’t even listening to much music for that very reason. Some of it dated as far back as high school and simply didn’t match the person I am now. Now I am taking the time to understand what kind of music I do enjoy listening too. I’m pretty much rebuilding my music collection from scratch. These days I find myself creating atmosphere in my home with different music throughout the day.


Since I started being more intentional about unplugging from technology and creating an evening routine that helps me to relax, I have been reading almost every night. As I don’t have access to an English library, buying kindle books is the best option for me. Some of my favorite books I’ve been reading (and rereading) lately are Lessons from Madame ChicZero Waste Home, and Spark Joy.


As my general spending has gone down, I find I am spending more money on fresh herbs and other more artisanal ingredients for cooking. They not only bring more joy to my cooking, but to my eating too! I keep fresh herbs like mint and basil growing on my balcony, as well as spices like Kampot White Pepper or Italian Truffle Salt in my cabinet.


Plants bring so much life and joy in a space. They grow with you and are changing everyday. I am not naturally good with plants. I’ve made many mistakes and often have bought plants that are difficult to care for, only to watch them suffer under my care. Researching plants has helped a lot and since becoming a minimalist, I feel that I have the mental headspace now to do just that. The three plants shown in my video are Monstera Adasonii, Himalayamix and Hedera Helix.

// All products shown were purchased with my own money. This post and video are not sponsored. This article contains affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.

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